I have been a DIYer since childhood. I mostly spent my summer holidays, collecting and hoarding leftover stuff and creating something useful. Although the term “DIY” was not something I knew back then, but just the thought of making something out of nothing excited me! Are you are into DIYs too? I would love to know!

Speaking of DIYs, they are not just craft but a way to add personality to any space of your home. Specially, if you are on a budget. And so I am sharing with you one of my easiest DIY ever.

Nightstands, end tables or bedside tables – whatever you call them – are so useful! Especially in the bedroom, where you need the most storage to put your phones, lamps, books, etc. I made our first nightstand back in our previous house, as a newly married couple trying to fix up our guest room with an old plastic crate. It then moved to our current home (the new guest room) and I made one more to balance out the bed and add symmetry to the space. So without further ado, lets begin!

For this diy, you shall need the following materials:

a) A plastic crate – I used old ones I already had, but you can check these out.

b) A tray – make sure you measure your crate before purchasing the tray and order the right size. I bought mine from a local craft store (Itsy Bitsy) but you can buy the same from them here.

c) Black spray paint


Now step by step follow the instructions below:

First step is to clean the crate and the tray thoroughly making sure there is no dust on it. It is a very important step, as the color won’t apply over the surface if not cleaned properly. If there is a lid over the crate, please remove it as you won’t be needing the same.

Next step is the best part of this project, spray paint!

Spray paint tips: Make sure you have some rags or plastic to place under the objects to protect the floors from the paint. Always spray paint outdoors. While spray painting, hold the paint can at-least 15cm away from the object to give an even coat (or-else it will look all drippy). Wait for it to dry for 10 mins and give a second coat. Spray painting is fun and can make you go over board, so know when to stop. Make sure you paint all the objects in and out. Set aside and let it dry.

Once all the objects are dry, its time to assemble. Place the crate standing vertically and flip the tray upside down and place over the top of the crate like shown below. And there you have it. Your very own nightstand. I went for an all black look, but you can easily try some other color as well to match your space.


I hope you all liked it! If so, don’t forget to share it on Pinterest and let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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